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Why Hire Powerful Cleaning over other Professional Cleaning Companies?

Cleaning and housekeeping for retail and grocery stores should be trusted to a professional company because they are trained to do it properly. Powerful Cleaning, LLC provides expert cleaning services to groceries and retail facilities nationwide. Here are some additional reasons to hire Powerful Cleaning, LLC over other professional cleaning companies:

• Hygiene. Not only is a dirty store unsightly, it can present health hazards for customers and employees. Employee illness leads to absences that will affect customer service and your overall bottom line. Powerful Cleaning makes sure all areas are not only cleaned, but sanitized.
• Cost. Because Powerful Cleaning provides cleaning services nationwide, we can buy products and materials at a bulk rate. We pass this savings on to our customers.
• Accountability. Powerful Cleaning uses a proprietary tool to hold our people accountable. Our auditing software is the only software in the industry that combines scheduling, internal audits, 3rd party audits, and reporting on KPI metrics.
• Safety. Wet, slippery floors and potentially dangerous chemicals can present possible injuries and health issues to those untrained in the safety and cautionary procedures to do the job. If they are injured, you’ll be dealing with workman’s compensation claims and absences. We provide intensive training to all our workers, so that they provide the safest and most efficient ways to provide the cleaning and housekeeping services for you. We are bonded and insured, so that you are not liable in the case of injury while our staff is performing the job.
• Consistency. Powerful Cleaning prides itself in low employee turnover. We believe that it’s important to retain trained individuals who provide quality service to our clients. That means you get experienced staff to clean your facility.
Because Powerful Cleaning has a process in place that holds our staff accountable, you won’t need to manage our people. You can manage your company without having to worry about whether your cleaning company is doing its job.

Hire Powerful Cleaning, LLC to Professionally Clean Your Retail Facility

At Powerful Cleaning, LLC, we know the importance of a clean store. That’s why we pay special attention to these sensitive areas when we provide service to our retail and grocery store clients. Call us today for a free quote in Memphis, Tn and Jackson, Ms.